Varindera Constructions Ltd

Varindera Constructions Ltd. was established in 1984 under the chairmanship of Mr. Varinder Kumar Garg. It has been our largest venture, providing comprehensive and massive construction solutions in various segments of national importance like housing, institutional, healthcare, aviation, roads and highways. With our rich experience, we execute innovative techniques in engineering, procurement, and construction. Our expertise in the domain increases efficiency, reduces time and cost overruns and adequately caters to the needs of a dynamic environment. Our projects are judiciously designed to help:-

  • Individuals to gain a wide range of employment opportunities
  • Government of the country to develop infrastructure of national interest
  • Economy to reach a higher growth potential

VCL has been solidifying structures to fulfill national aspirations. Some instances of our top- of-the-line projects include:-

  1. Constructions of 2500 military units in Pithoragarh (the hilly and heavy rainfall region marked by hostile weather conditions) to meet the requirements of armed forces in protecting the country.
  2. The building of state-of-the-art Rajasthan High Court. It was inaugurated by Honorable President Ram Nath Kovind and will serve to improvise the judiciary system in the entire northern state of Rajasthan.
  3. Construction of roads to connect Amritsar to Jamnagar. The corridor links Rajasthan with Punjab and Gujarat, concurrently opening a channel for novel business opportunities and reducing the distance, time, & cost of transportation.
  4. Building HIG houses in Jasola for Delhi Development Authority under optimized space requirements. The project has been a landmark in construction quality and recognized as the 'best-ever' apartments offered by DDA.
  5. Indian Airforce Infrastructure upgrade at Hasimara (West Bengal) for the deployment of Rafale Jets to give India a greater potency over enemy lines.