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Main Runway, AF Station, Jodhpur Provision Of Work Services For Additional Work Of Resurfacing Of Main Runway, Dispersal And Sga Conversion At Af Station Jodhpur

Work had been tendered by Military Engineering Services department of MoD in the year 2009-2010. The completion cost of the work Rs. 7.61 crores on 2010 price. The cost of the work at current market price after applying inflation index shall work out to be approximately Rs. 09.00 crores (approx).The work was commenced on 07-06-2010 and was completed on 15-03-2011. The work as slightly delayed in completion w.r. to original date of completion but the entire fault was of users as they did not permitted for commencing the work in stipulated period due to their operational necessity and administrative reason. The scope of work included construction of quality control pavement concrete over DLC and wet mix macadam, premix hot mix semi dense asphaltic concrete over bituminous macadam, drainage work etc. The total work executed for 50000 sqm (approx) of runway surface. The quality of work was appreciated by Air Force user’s and department high ranking engineers.


Client :  Military Engineering Services
Start Date : 07.06.2010
Actual Date of Completion : 07.04.2011
Stipulated Date of Completion 15.03.2011 
Project Location Jodhpur
Work Status Completed