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High Court Building, Jodhpur

Structural work for Construction of New High Court building at Jhalamand Jodhpur Work has been tendered by RSRDC and Construction Corporation Ltd., Jaipur in the year 2010-2011. It only includes structural work in the subject work. The cost of the work is approx Rs. 20.00 crores excluding the cost of steel & cement, which is to be supplied by the client. The building consists of Triple storey RCC Framed structure with Raft foundation. The building has been designed on the replica of Parliament house of Delhi with best architectural features and in circular shape. The face work of the building has extra course rubble face masonry stone cladding work. This building is an Architectural monument & construction requires highly precision work. The work has been commenced w.e.f 20 Apr 2011 and completed on 26 Mar 2014.


Client : Rajasthan State Road Development & Construction Corporation Ltd
Start Date : 20 Apr 2011 
Date of Completion : 26 Mar 2014
Project Location Jodhpur 
Work Status  Completed