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Hangar AF Station, JodhpurProvision of Hangar, Taxi Track and other Infrastructure for Induction of AF Station at Jodhpur

Work had been tendered by Military Engineering Services department of MoD in the year 2008-2009. The completion cost of work is Rs. 20.00 crores at 2010 price, the cost of the work at current market price after applying inflation index shall work out to be approximately Rs. 23 Crores. The scope of work comprises erection of Pre-fabricated space frame structure for Hangar installed on RCC foundation, other allied buildings, the quality control concrete dispersal area, Internal & External Electrification, External works supply, Road/Paths/Culvers, Sewage dispersal & area drainage. The Hangar is of size 75.30m x 51-20 with quality control concrete flooring and accommodates 2 Nos. Sukhai Jet fighter planes.


Client : Military Engineering Services
Size : 75.30m x 51-20(accommodates 2 Nos. Sukhai Jet fighter planes)
Start Date : 12.01.2009
Actual Date of Completion 23.03.2011 
Stipulated Date of Completion  09.04.2011
 Project Location Jodhpur
Work Status : Completed