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Married Accomodation, MahipalpurMd Accommodation works for Officers & other ranks for 450.00 DU’s of 40200.00 Carpet area

Work had been tendered by Director General Married Accommodation Project department of Defence Services under MoD in the year 2005-2006 for constructing accommodation at two locations Basantar Range & Mahipalpur at Delhi Cantt. The cost of the project at 2007 price is Rs. 46.00 Crores price, the cost of the work at current market price after applying inflation index shall work out to be approximately Rs. 65 Crores. The scope of work comprises building work of RCC frame construction (G+2 storied), underground/over head RCC reservoirs Internal & External electrification, Internal & External Water supply, Road/Path/Culvers, Plumbing work, Sewage works etc. The whole work completed in 24 months without any penalty.


Client : Director General Married Accommodation Project
Size : 40200.00 Sqm
Start Date : 24.03.2005
Actual Date of Completion 23.12.2006 
Stipulated Date of Completion  23.12.2006
 Project Location Mahipalpur, Delhi Cantt.
Work Status : Completed