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Married Accommodation, Pithoragarh Provision of Married Acc for Officers, JCOS and ORS (MAP) (PHASEII), Pithoragar

Work has been tendered by Chief Engineer Bareilly Zone, on 12 April 2013 under the aegis of Military Engineering Services. The work includes construction of 1054 double storey dwelling units for Officers, Junior Commissioner Officers and Other Ranks. The cost of work is Rs. 232.00 Crores. Besides residential dwelling units scope of work also includes semi underground RCC water sumps for 5.00 lacs gallons, semi underground sedimentation tanks of 2.00 lacs gallons, STP of capacity 2.00 lacs gallons, site development work, DAM for storage of water, 33/11 KV sub stations, internal and external water supply, electric supply, plumbing, sewage disposal work, area drainage, roads, fencing/gates. arboriculture and landscaping.


Client : CE Bareilly Zone, MES
Size : 69590 Sqm
Start Date : 26 April 2013
Date of Completion 26 August 2015 
Project Location  Pithoragarh, Uttrakhand
Work Status In Progress