Milestones of Varindera Constructions Ltd.

Defining moments


Founded Varindera & Company with
Modest Beginnings & Mammoth Aspirations

Successful Registration with Military
Engineering Services (MES)



Laid the First Brick of Establishment for
Varindera Constructions Ltd.




Racing Forward & Upgrading
to A-class by MES



Recognized as a "Super Special"
Category Contactor by MES



VCL Sets Up Surbhi Metals, Diversifying
VCL into Manufacturing and Fabrication



A stepping stone towards refining
construction of 32 ESHS at CAD Pulgaon.



Mr Varinder Garg, endowing towards growth & expansion in the Military Engineering Services as the President of MESBAI for two consecutive years.



VCL’s Forward Integration Journey Continues with a Residential Accommodation Project in Hissar for DGMAP.



VCL Commences Production of Vivek RMC
Plant: A Concrete Ready Mix Plant



Multi-Storey Building in Dwarka: Innovation-Led Growth Continues by Establishing the First Multi-Storey Building in Dwarka, Delhi

Runway At Jodhpur: Taking lead by resurfacing the runway of Jodhpur

School Building, Jaipur: VCL ushers into the world of education via the construction of state-of-the-art school building in Jaipur

Largest Hangar in Asia and Taxi Track at Air force Station, Jodhpur: Joining the Global Giants Clubs by Building the 3X Twin Largest Hangar in Asia and Taxi Track at Air force Station, Jodhpur.


Housing Project in Pithoragarh: Adding to the Skyline of Pithoragarh with the build of a Major Housing Project

Security Wall of Ranchi: Commencing Operations to Build The Security Wall of Ranchi - A Major Milestone Achieved


High Court Building, Jodhpur: Enhancing the look of the Indian Justice System by Construction of the High Court, Jodhpur

Dam Project in Pithoragarh: Expanding & Integrating Bases by Taking up A Dam Project in Pithoragarh.


Delhi Public School, Greater Noida:
Shaping the Education Landscape by Building the Delhi Public School in Greater Noida.

Integrated Simulator Complex at Naval Base, Kochi:
Standing in Line With the Indian Forces by Construction of Integrated Simulator Complex at the Naval Base, Kochi.


University Project at Allahabad:
Once Again Triggering the Educational Revolution by Taking up a University Project at Allahabad.

International Housing Project at Mauritius:
New Horizon, New Beginnings: First-ever International Housing Project in Mauritius.

The Journey continues...