VCL has well-orchestrated collaborations with venerable experts from divergent industries.

They are executed with a clear vision to improve the efficiency of our projects. Our alliances are built on the virtues of transparency and effective communication. We partner with industry experts in the following domains:



We associate with industry partners for functions that require their core expertise in architectural, structural, and MEP designs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) while the primary operations of procurement and construction are executed by VCL.

Pre-engineered buildings

We co-partner with the world-renowned pioneers in pre-engineered buildings (PEB) for fabricating our industrial and aviation projects e.g. erection of steel hangar structures, cladding panels, structural beams, etc. Our partners efficiently undertake the pre-engineered building systems while taking care of the structural and aesthetic requirements. VCL conducts the civil construction part like laying down the foundation ,supply and fixing of roof sheeting ,construction of PQC pavements and Polyurethane flooring , Aviation lighting , Erection of EOT crane and other infrastructure like roads, street lighting, sewage, water supply, etc.


Construction piling gives a sturdy foundation to buildings in areas where the soil is soft, eroded, and cannot endure the weight of heavy facilities. The process of piling requires expertise and the use of specialized tools & machinery. Pile foundations give stability to construction and can go as deep as 45m inside the ground. There are many locations in India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, hilly regions of M.P. and a few pockets of Delhi where the soil needs to be strengthened before beginning the construction activity. We outsource the piling work to adept contractors and perform the necessary quality checks.

Estimation and costing

The strength of an organization lies in its accurate assessment and calculation of project costs. VCL efficiently evaluates the outlays of the majority of its projects. However, for road developments and international undertakings, we outsource the costing and estimation. In this way, we ensure clarity, certainty and productivity.

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