VCL Group



Corporate Stewardship

  •  Providing education and mid-day meals on all sites by building School cum Creche for under privileged children.
  •  Spreading awareness & encouraging parents to send their children to local government schools which offer free education.
  •  Strengthening the educational facilities by supporting the local schools in terms of computers, equipments, building the infrastructure and facilitating coaching.


Resource Conservation
  •  Material Reconciliation
  •  Centralized purchasing of HSD
  •  Physical stock verification
  •  Re-use of Concrete Testing Cubes.
  •  Tracking of repetitive used materials (shuttering, staging, etc.)
  •  Materials requirement planning


Health & Safety
  •  Providing free medical services to everyone working in VCL Group including staff employees and labourers working on site.
  •  Procure best quality and in-house training thus minimizing the exposure to physical risks.
  •  Reducing the frequency of all incidents and minimizing/eliminating loss of man days.


Caring For Environment
  •  Installation of Sewage Treatment Plant at Shree Vardhman Mantra,Gurgaon to use sewage water for construction purposes.
  •  Utilization of waste by reusing and recycling.
  •  Water Management.